Erasmus+ Programme

International Students interested in exchange programmes can choose courses offered by our Faculty of Materials Engineering and Physics during their short-term visits.
The courses are related to materials science and engineering, applied physics (with computer modelling) or nanotechnology and nanomaterials. Please contact our International Relations Office for more information on the application procedures and details of the available courses in the academic year 2019/2020.

For a quick reference on the contents of the course catalog for applied physics with computer modelling - see the study programme web page, where a detailed description for each of the course is available as a downloadable PDF file.

For a comprehensive information on degree studies (MSc in Applied Physics): minor/specialization: Computer Modelling, duration of 3 semesters with 90 ECTS points, please contact the programme coordinatorprof. Joanna Jałocha-Bratek, email: joanna.jalocha-bratek@pk.edu.pl

Applied Physics with Computer Modelling

One-semester graduate courses (at the level of MSc) available in English:

Winter Term 2019/2020

Summer Term 2019/2020 

A Brief Guide for International Students
   General Admission Rules
   For more information on availability of any particular course and their details,
   please contact the programme coordinatorprof. Joanna Jałocha-Bratek, email: joanna.jalocha-bratek@pk.edu.pl
   or the head of Institute of Physics and the applied physics teaching, prof. Sebastian Kubis.

(*) Subject to availability. A minimum number of attending Students is required for a course to be opened.
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Apply for MSc (2nd cycle) programme (taught in English or in Polish)
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MSc in Applied Physics with Computer Modelling
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