Additive Manufacturing

The second-cycle Additive Manufacturing major at the Faculty of Materials Science and Physics of the Krakow University of Technology is a unique major conducted in English in cooperation with the Lviv University of Technology. The classes focus on innovative manufacturing technologies that enable the creation of three-dimensional structures by assembling layers of materials. The program of these studies integrates knowledge in the field of materials science, mechanical engineering, physics and advanced production technologies, preparing graduates for the challenges of modern industry.
Additive Manufacturing
Students of Additive Manufacturing gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of modern production processes. They focus on technologies such as 3D printing that are revolutionizing traditional manufacturing methods. The courses cover topics related to a variety of materials, their properties and behavior during additive manufacturing processes, material design and their applications.
The Faculty of Materials Science and Physics of the Krakow University of Technology provides students with access to modern laboratories equipped with the latest equipment. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience by working with modern equipment, which allows them to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

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